About Martín Santander

Martin Santander, Argentine-born Photographer, graduated form the Brussels School of Photography in 1995 is a monochrome fine art Photographer with a remarkable quality and artistic warmth.

Artistic Career and Exhibitions
His photographic essays Magic Moments, Iceland, produced and presented by Leica under the Auspicies of the Icelandic Embassy at ISELP, Brussels; Gauchos, presented at the Consulat General of Argentina of New York City Art Gallery, USA, within the framework of the Bicentennial of Argentina and Les Ferrailleurs, representing the Ministry of Culture of the French Community of Belgium at Les Journées Internationales de la Francophonies, have been exhibited in various museums, art galleries, institutions and art fairs in Europe and throughout the Americas.

Collections and Publications
His photographs are preserved by the famous Museum of Photography of Charleroi, as part of the collection of the Ministry of Culture of the French Community of Belgium.
They are also to be found in the collections of Museo de Arte Contemporaneo MAC, Salta, Argentina; Centro de Arte Contemporaneo CAC, Córdoba, Argentina; Centre
Culturel Le Botanique, Brussels, Belgium; Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Latinoamericano MACLA, La Plata, Argentina; Espacio Contemporaneo de Arte ECA, Mendoza, Argentina and in several private collections internationally.

His monochrome book Les Ferrailleurs was prefaced by Mr Georges Vercheval, founder and honorary director of the Museum of Photography of Charleroi, Belgium.
He has participated in several publications on architectural photography.

Commercial Work
Martin’s commercial work includes portrait, architecture, travel and art
reproduction photography.